Monday, August 29, 2011


One of the apartment buildings on my campus burned down today.  Students, a staff member, and a few people from the community lost everything they own.  One girl lost her puppy.  

As I stood out there with almost all the staff, the president of my school, and the people who lived there, it was overwhelming.  Fire trucks were blocking all the streets, smoke was covering the sky.  

Tonight we have a Go Greek event, which seems trivial now.  But we're taking donations for all who lived there.  School supplies, clothing, soap, bedding, towels etc. 

Everyone (with exception of pets) got out alive, thank God for that.  

Please pray for those who just lost everything.  Pray that we'll get a lot of donations for them.  If you don't pray, send good thoughts, do whatever it is you do. 


  1. How terrible!!! I just tucked my two older girls into their dorms for the year - so scary to think of a fire there. I will certainly keep these people in my prayers.


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