Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photography Class

Every semester I've had to take 18 (or even 19) credits. [18 is the total they'll allow you for my school, full time is 12] So I've been jam-packed with all these classes for my double-major with a minor.  Meaning, unfortunately, I have never had the chance to take a class simply just to take it.  Luckily, I go to a liberal arts school, so we've been required to take a whole slew of different classes...including an art class (art can be dance, theater, or anything from our art department).  
I have finally signed up for mine in my last semester and I'm taking photography.  I took a film photography class in high school where we did darkroom work and everything, but this is digital.  And I am really excited about it.  
I can't promise I'll be any good, but I will share some of my images with you...Finally, a class where I'm excited about the homework. Nerd, much? 

(All photos in this post are taken by me during my study abroad in England)

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  1. Beautiful shots! I'd be uber excited for a photography class as well! :) Have fun!!


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