Friday, July 29, 2011

Furry & Feathery Friends

The fur...
so we've had a groundhog living under our shed in the backyard for sometime now.  The other day, I got out of the shower and saw it...he (or she) is so big now! 

The feathers...
A few weeks ago, I thought I heard some chirping coming from our chimney, but for the longest time no one else heard it.  I thought I may be going crazy until my dad heard it too.
My parents wanted to block off the chimney so the mom couldn't get in but of course, I cried a bit and found an article about how it was illegal to mess with a Chimney Swift nest and how they're loudest in their last two weeks (meaning they're leaving soon).  So they conceded.
I got my mom to help hold a flashlight while we tried to get a few pictures.  They're really close, and I do say, I don't mind the chirping.  It's rather nice background while I sew (: 
It was so difficult to get a good picture.  You should have seen my mom and I, leaning into the emptied out fireplace with a blanket to pad the brick and straining to get a good angle. 

(These next pictures aren't mine, but they're definitely better)
I'm really impressed with how they build their nests!

Hope you like my new friends! haha

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: $1 Jacket

There's a place I've driven by on the way to work every night that I've been wanting to visit ever since it showed up.  It's an estate sale warehouse (I didn't get any pictures, bad blogger).  When I finally got some time and a friend to go with, I was pumped. It's a lot bigger than it looks from the outside, and full of treasures. Like this jacket

One dollar.  Seriously. 

I'm pretty sure it's a little boys size 10, which is why the sleeves are short, but I think it's cuter that way. 

I used to be unsure about buying clothes at thrift shops and the like, the smell gets to me sometimes, but I think after this I'm hooked! 
(Oops, forgot to take my phone out of my pocket!)

Have you found any good thrifts lately?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Pieced Wednesday: 8

This week went by so quickly! Here's my Arizona block for the Skill Builder Sampler using this tutorial.

Except this time, I tried something different to make my HSTs and used this tutorial...So much easier, in my opinion.

Here it is! 

The only real problem I had was this one area...I made a small pleat and I'm thinking it won't be noticeable once it's all quilted. 

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Pay It Forward

I've been wanting to get involved in some swaps, but time & money constraints always seem to get in the way.  Which is why I'm doing this one. 

And then I discovered Pay It Forward on Lotti's blog.  I think this is going to be great! 

Here's the deal. 
1. In the next 365 days I will receive a handmade goody from her. 
2. In the next 365 days I will send out something handmade to the first three people to comment on this post. 
3. In return you pledge to send three people a something delightful and handmade and blog about it, just like I am now.  

Three people.  And I have a year to do it...don't worry, I won't wait all year, but you will hopefully be surprised by it (: 

Sound fun?  Comment here and join in! 

EDIT: One more spot left (: 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Muse Monday: 7

Welcome to another week of Muse Monday...where I share some of my favorite recent pins in the hopes that they'll inspire you just like they did me (: 

{source unknown}

{source unknown}

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friendship Bracelet Swap

Who remembers the days of swapping friendship bracelets with all of your friends?  (Raises hand)  I was a camp counselor, so for me those years are very recent.  I love to make and give them, so this swap is perfect (: 


Amanda at The Modern Marigold and Jenn at Ruffled Sunshine are putting on this fun summer swap.  Join us by July 27th, here or here.

This is going to be my very first swap...I'm a little nervous (I've got to make something wonderful for the awesome women receiving them). 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I Pieced Wednesday: 7

This is the fourth block for the We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler, a pinwheel block.  I don't know why, but I didn't want an almost entirely white block in my quilt (at least not yet) so I used mostly patterned pieces.  Here it is!

It took quite a while, but I love the way it turned out.  I'm especially proud of my seams on this one...particularly here

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Screen Print Tutorial

Of course for the last HP movie, I had to make something to wear, so I screen-printed a tee.  This is probably the easiest method there is, and it looks professional! 

(Hello awkward half-smile)

- a t-shirt (or any other fabric you want to print on)
- fabric paint & foam brush
- freezer paper (cheap at the grocery)
- pen
- scissors

1. Cut out and trace your shape onto the un-shiny (yes, that's a technical term) side of the freezer paper.  Then cut out with an exacto knife. DON'T throw away any pieces!!

2. Notice how all you're left with is the outside?  Lay that on the fabric where you want it. 

3. Iron on.  Then add your insides and press them on.  Be careful not to move the iron too much, it may knock them out of place.  If that happens, just peel off and redo. 

4.  Put a paper bag or piece of cardboard inside your shirt to prevent leaking to the other side. 

5. Pour some paint out onto a paper plate, use as many colors as you'd like. 
(excuse the is fairly rough on them)

6. Paint!  Be careful to paint away from any small pieces.  I tended to dab a bunch of paint onto it and then slowly spread it out.  Do as many layers as you need to make it as dark as you want.   

7. Use tweezers or a toothpick when the paint is partly dry (as to not peel off any paint) to peel off the stencil.  

8.  Lay out until dry.  I just left mine overnight to be safe.  

9.  Get dressed up and take your shirt to a really awesome movie ;)

After (: 

Because I used the same color as the front, my friends didn't believe I'd actually made this.  

So I got home from the movie...and had an awesome package waiting for me from Rachel & Accuquilt. (Projects to come, of course!)

And after a movie high, and getting this awesome package, I looked a little like this...

But more like this...
(dorkily excited picture)

Let me know if you try this and how it works out for you!  I'd love to hear (: 

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