Friday, July 29, 2011

Furry & Feathery Friends

The fur...
so we've had a groundhog living under our shed in the backyard for sometime now.  The other day, I got out of the shower and saw it...he (or she) is so big now! 

The feathers...
A few weeks ago, I thought I heard some chirping coming from our chimney, but for the longest time no one else heard it.  I thought I may be going crazy until my dad heard it too.
My parents wanted to block off the chimney so the mom couldn't get in but of course, I cried a bit and found an article about how it was illegal to mess with a Chimney Swift nest and how they're loudest in their last two weeks (meaning they're leaving soon).  So they conceded.
I got my mom to help hold a flashlight while we tried to get a few pictures.  They're really close, and I do say, I don't mind the chirping.  It's rather nice background while I sew (: 
It was so difficult to get a good picture.  You should have seen my mom and I, leaning into the emptied out fireplace with a blanket to pad the brick and straining to get a good angle. 

(These next pictures aren't mine, but they're definitely better)
I'm really impressed with how they build their nests!

Hope you like my new friends! haha


  1. How funny! I was hearing creature sounds for a long time before anyone else could confirm them, but it turned out much less fun than yours - rats in the attic!!

  2. Wow - I have never heard of Chimney Swifts before - how lovely they have found a nice secure place to build their nest.


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