Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scary Day

So today was a little bit of a scary day.  I had a baking day with a girlfriend, and soon after she left, found out that there is a serial killer loose in my city.  There was a high speed police chase, and currently there are about four crime scenes taped off around the city.  

The suspect killed seven people and has at least one hostage, possibly three.  He passed only a couple streets away from my house.  I've kept locked up watching the news for the last hour or so.  

Right now they think they have him cornered, but please pray for the hostages and the family of all of the people who were murdered, as well as all the people who live in the area he's hiding in and who were hurt in the high speed chase.  

Such a scary and emotional time.  My hearts and prayers are going out to the friends and family of all involved.  

{source unknown}

UPDATE: Last night the man let all three of his hostages go free, thank goodness, before taking his own life.  I'm glad no one else innocent was hurt, but still feel for his family and those who knew him and others involved.  

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  1. oh my goodness! how scary!! my prayers are with you all.. be safe!!


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