About Me

-I am a  licensed Elementary teacher with a focus on Early Childhood.  I'm currently subbing while I look for a permanent placement (which I canNOT wait for).
-I began this blog with my good friend Bethany, when she made hers, as a way to document my craftiness, life and whatever else I decide.
-I've got a great family...
(who's actually a little crazy)
-And some beautiful sisters.
-I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:4).  Which is also the reason for this blog name.
-My crafting interests vary widely.  Very widely.  My friends seem to think that I'm grandma-esque in my hobbies.  I don't hate it, I love my grandmas ;)
-When I was younger I would sew little outfits for my American Girl doll and my sister's Barbies, you could say my skills have improved a little since then (:
-I've got the best friends.
-I am a member of Alpha Phi...and I've met some of the most incredible women through it.

Want to know anything else?  Just ask!