Life List

Here it is, what some people would call a bucket list.  When I complete something, I'll have a post linked about it.  This list is in no specific order and ever-changing, and yes, I realize some of them contradict each other a bit.  Want to know more about me? Click away. 

My Life List
1. Visit all 50 states. 

3. Get married.  

4. Have a baby.

5. Donate a quilt (or something else handmade and full of love).

6. Start a shop. 

7. Own a house. 

8. Teach.

9. Make a difference. 

10. Do yoga. 

12. Graduate high school. 

13. Fall in love. 

14. Visit Australia. 

15. Design and have my own craft room. 

16. New York City NYE ball drop. 

17. Adopt a pet. 

18. Adopt/foster/sponsor a child. 

19. Go on a mission trip. 

20. Visit Italy. 

21. Have another baby. 

22. Visit Greece. 

23.  Visit Africa. 

24. Front row seats (concert, play, anything). 

25. Go on a cruise. 

26. Visit Mexico. 

27. Visit Europe. 

28. Have a home library.

30. Own a DSLR camera. 

31. Take a dance class. 

32. Surf. 

33. Ski. 

34. Attend movie premiere. 

35. Spa day. 

36. Ride an elephant. 

37. Be on a horse for a jump. 

38. See the Mona Lisa. 

39. Grow a garden. 

40. Meet Jo Rowling. (or another author I love, if this is unattainable)

41. Attend a blog conference. 

42. Anonymously pay for someone's dinner. 

43. Have a booth at a craft show. 

44. Write my love story. 

45. Own a horse (okay okay, take my kids to ride one).

46. Design my own fabric (thank goodness for spoonflower).

47. Secret (it's a gift for someone, when it happens I'll update)

48. Mail 100 letters in 100 days.

49. Own a vacation home. (or a trailer, or a tent)

50. Roadtrip across the country. 

51. Get 6-pack abs.

52. Be completely happy with my body. 

53. Beat the boy in a game of chess (he's too good and I barely know the basics).

54. Read a whole page of the dictionary. 

55. Skydive.

56. Swim with dolphins. 

57. Ride in a hot-air balloon. 

58. Donate blood. 

59. Waterski.

60. Learn an instrument. 

61. Stand up for a friend in their wedding.

62. Camp en-plein-air (outside with no tent). 

63. Watch a sunrise. 

64. See the pyramids. 

65. Be fluent in French. 

66. Decorate my own home. 

67. Visit a vineyard (a really big one, in France would be better). 

68. Attend a fashion show. 

69. Read the whole Bible in a year. 

70. Catch up on my scrapbooks. 

71. Kiss in the rain. 

72. Attend Wimbledon. 

73. Sign up to be an organ donor. 

74. Do the 3-Day Race for the Cure.

75. Be a stay-at-home-mom. 

76. Attend camp. 

77. Whitewater raft. 

78. Buy a bike. 

79. Write a children's book. 

80. Pay off my school loans. 

81. Roadtrip without a plan. 

82. See a play on Broadway. 

83. Have a walk-in-closet. 

84. Kiss at the top of the Empire State Building. 

85. Parasail. 

86. Mardi Gras in New Orleans. 

87. Attend the Kentucky Derby. 

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