Sunday, February 27, 2011

Recycled Bracelet Tutorial

This is my first tutorial, so I'm sorry if it's rough...I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have for me.

-three rosettes (or any other embellishments you'd like)
-fabric (plain or patterned, your choice)
-an empty ribbon spool (tear off the circles from the top and bottom, and make sure you can fit your hand through it)

Step 1:
Cut your fabric into strips, about an inch thick (I just eyeballed it, you don't need to be exact)

I had a lot of can make other rosettes, or more bracelets with them
Step 2:
Put a line of hot glue on the end of the fabric and glue it to the inside of your "bracelet." 

Step 3: 
Wrap your strip around the bracelet. You can hot glue at intervals if you'd like, but I found that mine stayed just fine without it. 

Step 4:
Put a strip of hot glue on the end of your fabric and glue it down.

If you have a space like this uncovered, that's ok, you can cover it with the embellishments.
Step 5: 
Decide how you want your rosettes placed, then hot glue them on. 
(Not the same color as the beginning because I changed my mind)
Step 6:
Admire your finished product on your wrist. 

And there you go!  I think it's far better than throwing out all of your old spools.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

If you're totally sick of the snow...don't read any further. 
Sunday night the power went out all over my campus.  We went to bed and spent the whole next day in the dark Woohoo for cancelled classes!!  As I fell asleep that night, all I could hear were branches cracking and crashing.  This is just a little bit of what we woke up to Monday night...(I warned you)
Right outside my dorm 

You could literally stand on the bushes.
Because of the power-outage, the school had to post signs everywhere, since not everyone could check their e-mail on their phones.

Everything was covered in a sheet of way you could "press to open" anything!
View from my window

Can't find my car door handle...took over half an hour to carve her out. 

So destructive...yet so pretty. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rosette Reveal

Well I know my many readers ;) have been waiting patiently since yesterday to find out what my pile of rosettes has here you are (drumroll)

A necklace! I'm thinking of making one in every color...we'll see if I get the time to do it soon. 

Little details
I also made this as a present for someone...
(Hope she's not reading this...)
And this one just for me. 

They're interchangable, so I can simply switch to a different chain color, or a different rosette/other necklace bauble and have a brand new one whenever I want (:   

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I won a bike once when I was little, but I usually don't win things.  Imagine my excitement when I found out I actually won something (:  They just got here today...the perfect earrings, and I am super pumped to wear them. 
Precious little clouds. 
They're from Adri, who has both a cute blog, and an Etsy shop that I'd love to buy one of everything from! 

In other news...I've been making a ton of rolled roses (totally addicting).

And I even made some babies! 
Come back tomorrow and see what I've made them into. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Testing my Self-Control

Although all of this is calling my name
I must instead focus on this
This is a true test of my self-control.