Friday, September 30, 2011

Earring Display Tutorial

Inspired by some Pinterest jewelry displays, I've been wanting to make one myself.  When I was packing for school I found an old cork board that I really didn't use anymore: I knew it was perfect.  

Paint it up.

I really liked the colors, but they were slightly brighter than I wanted, so I mixed a bit of silver in and went over with a second coat.  Not a huge difference, but I'm glad I did it.

Staple some picture-hanging wire around the back...I didn't measure it really, just eyeballed how far apart I thought looked good.  

Wrap the excess wire around the staples. (You may need to use pliers or tweezers) 

The top two are closer together for the smaller earrings, but the longer ones can always hang off the bottom or even over other wires.
Hang your earrings (: Seriously simple.

Someday when this is above a shelf I'll include the teacups for my studs and it will be perfect. 

But for now, I'm using this bowl. And those things blank CD/DVDs come in for the bracelets and rings. 

And little removable hooks for necklaces.

Hanging on my wall.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Man I am like the worst blogger ever I think.  I am sorry, it's been a crazy two weeks.  We had sorority recruitment, which I ran.  Then it was boy's birthday and our 4 year anniversary so I went to visit him this past weekend.  Between all that homework has taken up all of my time.  I sincerely promise to try harder to come up with awesome blog posts for you! 

First, an obligatory anniversary picture.  I try not to gush a lot about boyfriend here, but seriously, he's been my best friend since high school and he's fantastic. 
(From a friend's wedding a year ago)

And now for some Muse Monday (on Tuesday)

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Real projects coming soon, I pinky promise! 

Have a fabulous whatever-day-you-read-this day (:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reading Through the Bible in a Year: Week 6 & Muse Monday: 13

The internet at school has been having some serious issues this weekend.  As in, there are large chunks of time (a whole day) when I have no connection.  So please bear with me. 

This weekend boyfriend got to visit before his classes start (: Hooray!  Pictures coming soon. 

Here is the post that should have been up yesterday and Sunday.

And now for Muse Monday...

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What has been your Muse lately? 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the greatest daddy a girl could ever hope for.

I love you! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Pieced Wednesday: 11

I've been so busy, finally having Labor day off gave me a longer weekend where I could finish up some blocks for the Skill Builder.

Breaking Out: 

Double Star: 

I wasn't as happy with the double star...I totally spaced when I went to line up the fabric on the inner star, but after I noticed I was not about to rip it all out and start again, time is precious around here.

And my camera suddenly has this black spot that shows in all the pictures...awesome (not).  And I have no idea how to fix it.

In other news, yesterday was the first day of Kindergarten and I just can't wait to work with these precious mini-people in the spring (: 

Want to join us? Do it! 
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Muse Monday: 12

Another week of Muse Monday.  I've just gotten the new blogger interface.  It looks very clean and simple, though I do need to get used to it before I'm really comfortable with it.  

Here we go. 

What's inspired you lately?