Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Man I am like the worst blogger ever I think.  I am sorry, it's been a crazy two weeks.  We had sorority recruitment, which I ran.  Then it was boy's birthday and our 4 year anniversary so I went to visit him this past weekend.  Between all that homework has taken up all of my time.  I sincerely promise to try harder to come up with awesome blog posts for you! 

First, an obligatory anniversary picture.  I try not to gush a lot about boyfriend here, but seriously, he's been my best friend since high school and he's fantastic. 
(From a friend's wedding a year ago)

And now for some Muse Monday (on Tuesday)

{source unknown}

Real projects coming soon, I pinky promise! 

Have a fabulous whatever-day-you-read-this day (:

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