Friday, July 22, 2011

Friendship Bracelet Swap

Who remembers the days of swapping friendship bracelets with all of your friends?  (Raises hand)  I was a camp counselor, so for me those years are very recent.  I love to make and give them, so this swap is perfect (: 


Amanda at The Modern Marigold and Jenn at Ruffled Sunshine are putting on this fun summer swap.  Join us by July 27th, here or here.

This is going to be my very first swap...I'm a little nervous (I've got to make something wonderful for the awesome women receiving them). 


  1. Oh so fun. I used to make them by the hours! Do you still hold the threads at the top with a clipboard? Have fun with this swap. Can't wait to see yours!

  2. I am so tempted by this swap...need to get some other stuff done before I can commit though.


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