Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: My New-found Love

I have recently fallen in love with teacups & saucers.  Which is great, seeing as boyfriend and my travel blog is titled "A Spot of Tea with J and B."  By travel blog I mean, we made a blog when we studied abroad in England and are planning on using it in the future. the same time I got this lovely jacket, I got some other wonderful things as well. 

Like fabric, $1 for a zip-loc bag.  Some of the smaller pieces had two different ones in it, so I got these three for $2.  I've been into vintage grandma-type prints lately...not really sure why. 

And my new love, teacups. 

I wasn't too keen on the saucer for this one, so I just got the cup. ($1)

($2 for cup and saucer)

($3.50, but 50% off)

And now I want to scour every thrift store near me for some more teacups.  I may just be addicted.  

Have you found any good thrifts lately? 

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  1. LOL....If I had space, I would have collected tea cups too. I have one that we bought on our's very special to me....from an antique shop. Then I have a couple others.

    Great finds. I want to head to the thrift store today...I have to see if my kids are game. =)


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