Thursday, July 5, 2012

Storing and Displaying Jewelry

I really like jewelry and I love having it stored so I can see it all at once.  Makes it much easier to make sure I know what I have to wear. Here's how I currently store/display mine.

All together.  Let's take a closer look.

Earring display board I made.  Tutorial here.

My long necklaces are simply on colored tacks on my corkboard.  The shorter ones are in my jewelry box.

Teacups are really cute to me, so I like to use themfor my earrings and smaller hair clips.

It would be so annoying to dig through every time I wanted a pair of earrings.  So instead I put them on buttons. 

So simple, then I put them back on right when I take them off.  Simplifies my life. 

This adorable box came with my Erin Condren planner in it (I'm obsessed, I'll talk about it later)

It used to house my bracelets.  Not so cute or easy to look through. 

So I hung it on the candle stand I found while dumpster diving. 

This is how it looks put together.

And my hair stuff...I have a lot of it, and I still can't stop making it.

All of these hair clips were made by me.  I love them. 

I have a jewelry box for the shorter necklaces, my rings, and my pearls. 

How do you store your jewelry? Do you display it or is it hidden away?


  1. Barbara! I love your blog! I'm so excited that you like to make stuff too :) I love your tea cup idea, how cute! From now on, we'll have to work together scavenging for things to re-use from work for projects :) I think we're going to come up with so many more cool things!

  2. Thanks, I love tea cups (: I agree, I'm sure we're going to find a lot of fun stuff that otherwise would probably just be trashed...we'll save it!


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