Monday, September 10, 2012

The Lil Journal Project: Week 1

One of my favorite blogs, Lil Blue Boo, is doing a journaling series called The Lil Journal Project.  Now, I've never been good at keeping a journal, but I love writing.  In this project, Ashley has been posting journaling prompts--really awesome ones.

Here's my first week. 
Day 1: She gave us a quote to write...with our non-dominant hand...I hope I never break my right hand. 

Day 2: Map the first classroom you can remember.  I decided to do the classroom I student taught in.  The one where I was truly a teacher for the first time.  This I will love to look back on. 

Day 3: A list of simple pleasures.

Day 4: People Watching.

Day 5: Practice Handwriting.  I decided to start a list of names of people who are really important in my life.  This list is ever-growing--each in a different handwriting style.

Want to join us?  You should, it's really great!  I use the prompts and have been able to make them relevant to me.

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