Monday, July 2, 2012

Dumpster Diving Pt. 1

Yes, you read that correctly.  And this is me. 
A month or so ago our neighbor packed up only necessary belongings and left her house.  We then noticed a foreclosed sign on the house.  Weeks later a man came to clean up...meaning he literally put everything into a dumpster. So of course my daddy and I went to check it out.  All nice new stuff, no trash.  Like antiquing, but free, right? And when they took that away and put a new one there the next day, I went in with my momma.  
You wouldn't think it, but I got some good scores. Too many for one here's the beginning of it (:

An embroidery kit with adorable scissors and some vintage-y thread. (I say vintage instead of old because I feel like it sounds better...but it was pretty old).

Vintage roller skates.  2 pairs. I love them. I even skated around the garage, but they'll make cool decoration when I have my own place.

A stack of records for daddy.  Including some Beatles and other originals.

Beautiful umbrella stand. (I think that's what it is anyway)

I love detail.

A candle stand...that I figured out something really fun to use for...and it's not candles.

Here's a hint, I like it better upside down.

An old quilting pattern in a book...may have to make this sometime.

Cute little basket.

Little birdhouses...not sure what I'll do with these yet.

And a fun picture frame.

Besides all that I got a lot of supplies like stickers, notebooks, staples and some craft supplies for my future classroom.  Oh yea, and about 2-3yrds of 4 different fabrics!  What a score. 

Have you ever been dumpster-diving? 
(Yea, it was a first for me too)

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  1. Great finds! :) No, I avent dumpster dived... Truthfully I probably never will, but to each their own! ;)


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