Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Perfect Autumn

...consists of... 

...savoring the last days of heat with a walk with J.

...spending time with my sisters.

...nightime fires with the family & friends.

...fried food cookout with the family--pickles, onion rings & chicken--I'm getting hungry again.

...the annual library book sale--stocking up for my classroom (:

...pumpkin Spice Latte. (sidenote: I don't like coffee--I know, I know--so I get it with one less shot of espresso and one extra pump of flavor...delicious) Also, very impressed that he spelled my name correctly-everyone always spells it wrong. 

...vacation with J that included wine-tasting in Traverse City. More on that later. 

...playing this with my two favorite girls when I babysit them.
 ...Grand Rapids Art Prize...incredible. 

...pumpkin spice donut from the local (as in 2min from my house local) apple orchard. 

I can't wait to continue to create my perfect autumn (: 

What would be included in your perfect fall?

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  1. Why is it that everyone who works at Starbucks sucks at spelling names? I wouldn't have thought yours could be spelled wrong. People ALWAYS spell mine "Casey." Oh and my perfect fall includes getting to bust out my boots again!


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