Monday, October 8, 2012

Pinbusters: Nail Polish Remover

I find a lot of awesome tips & recipes on Pinterest*, but who knows if they really work? I've decided to make a series called "Pinbusters" (ever seen the show Mythbusters?--I know, I'm clever) to let you know what really works! 
*and around the web...this is one I Googled tips for, but GoogleandPinbusters doesn't sound as cool.

This one was sparked because a male friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) got his toenails painted. I tried to help him get it off, but there was no polish remover in his house so we got creative.

FYI: These ideas were all found on google in various locations--we just wrote them down and most were found on sites like and sites where I could not find authentic/original credit. 

Here are our results. 
1. Hand sanitizer    -We didn't have much faith in this one, but even     
     letting it soak a bit didn't get anything off. 
2. Hydrogen Peroxide.
    -This one seemed a little more promising. Used a
     cotton ball just like normal remover. Nope again.

3. Rubbing Alcohol.
    -I really had faith in this one. Used a cotton ball.
     I wouldn't call this one totally busted. However,
     it took far too much effort for barely any to come
     off--not worth it. Plus there was a strong
     warning about how drying it could be, so I
     wouldn't risk it--especially on finger nails.   

4. Vinegar & Olive Oil.
    -Yes, it smelled awful. Unsurprisingly, it didn't
     work.  After the failed attempt we went back to
     see what may have gone wrong...this method
     was designed for use on wooden surfaces! haha

5. Nail Polish Remover.
    -Finally! Something that worked...a day later. 

As much as we worry about chemicals around, sometimes nothing works better than the product that was made for it.  

It's official, this "pin" is *busted.* 


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  2. Hi, I'm glad I could help! I googled many different ways to remove nail polish, and found all the ones that seemed do-able. Unfortunately the only thing that actually worked was the nail polish remover. If I ever find another solution, I'll post it!


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