Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween! 

 My family's favorite pumpkin patch is...

...a small side-of-the-road stop. I love that people still believe in honesty, refreshing. 

 This time, they were bringing more out on this awesome old tractor.  Of course...

 ...we asked for a picture, and they told us to get on it! No wonder we love their little patch. 

My instagramed version. 

My plans for the night consist of trying to play card games with boyfriend while being interrupted by cute trick-or-treaters every few minutes (: Can't wait! 

What are your Halloween plans? 

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  1. Love the pics! You are the cutest thing!! lol! Love your hair! Have a great Halloween! I'll be out with my 3 girls then a visit to gmas house for their last treat! :)


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