Thursday, June 14, 2012

Senior Wills

In my sorority at the end of your senior year you "will" away things to the younger girls.  I love this tradition, and I passed on the things that I've gotten but I also added a few of my own. 

Like this. We pick one girl who is our "Forget-me-not" who is supposed to keep in contact with us etc. (Not that we all don't, but whatever, it's a special thing)
I made this for mine. 

Our "mascot," if you will, is a bear.  Well boyfriend and I were thrifting and I found, no joke, an entire bag of small wooden bears for less than a dollar.  I had to have them.

I sorted through them and then wood-burned them all with our letters.  Every member got one, and the "special" ones were for my little, my god-littles, and our two newest members.
  They're imperfect, but the girls loved them.  And I loved making them for them all.  

What have you made for someone else lately? 

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