Thursday, June 7, 2012


The dorm that houses my sorority (And where I lived for 3 years) caught fire yesterday.  I have some good friends who were living there and working at school for the summer--thankfully everyone got out okay.  

The article about the fire says that it started in the kitchen area of the basement.  What they don't say is that that kitchen hasn't been in use for years and years.  They don't tell you that it was right next to our ritual closet and we possibly lost everything.  All of our recruitment things, all of our symbols and ritual items, all of our old composites with the pictures of all the Alpha Phis before us.  Hopefully when they are allowed to go in and look some of it was spared.  

It's when something like this happens that I realize how blessed I am to have my sisters. I love and miss them all. 

Sending all my love and prayers, ladies. 

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