Thursday, June 28, 2012

3am Wake-Up Call

I am a heavy sleeper.  As in, if people were screaming and jumping above me I promise I would sleep though it.  That's why it was so weird that, the other night, I woke up to a loud crash.
You may not know this, but I'm fairly paranoid...possibly because I love Criminal Minds, NCIS, Law and Order etc. but I thought someone had broken into the house. When I heard footsteps running downstairs vs up I thought it was safe to throw on my glasses and run up.  

What met me what not at all what I expected.  Lots of smoke, a wrecked car, a screaming kid. He was yelling, along with a lot of profanity, that he was 15.  I called 911, but some of the neighbors had called as well.  We had a total of about 7 firetrucks, police, and and ambulance show up.  

This was the other car. 

Thankfully it had been parked and no one was in it.  The kid had hit a few mailboxes, then slammed into this car throwing it across the lawn and driveway before he lost his tire-torn off the axel-and came to a stop in front of my house.  He was drunk.  But alive, somehow alive.  
I wish I had a picture of how messed up his car was, it was literally a miracle he missed trees, the light poles, and anything else and survived.  

I'm sure you know this, but please don't drink and drive (especially if you're only 15!!)

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