Monday, March 14, 2011

Red Dress - Thing One & Thing Two - Pocahontas

This fall before I started blogging, I made myself a dress.
(Late-night just-finished-the-dress picture)
I'm in Alpha Phi, and our sorority has a Red Dress Gala every year to raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation, which supports cardiac care for women, and promotes scholarship and leadership.  We all wear red dresses, and I had trouble finding one I liked, so I opted to make my own. 
The parents and I at the gala. 
The dress is convertible.  This isn't a great picture, but you can see the back in it. 
Dancing with Daddy. 
Since I wasn't blogging yet, I didn't take pictures of the process.  I also didn't use a pattern, instead I just kind of looked at this dress that I already had and made it up as I went along.  I have some other fabric that I think I may make another one out of, so I'll make a tutorial at some point if there's interest. 

I also made these Thing One & Thing Two costumes for boyfriend and I for Halloween.  I made the shirts and my tutu.

Around Thanksgiving my sorority had a mixer with TKE called "Peace Feast."  We dress up as Indians and the boys dress up as Pilgrims.  I made these dresses for a friend and I. 

Though they're just a piece of material and some pins...when I have time I'm thinking of making a real dress with the material.  My hair is just a bunch of feathers stuck in a ponytail...maybe I should make a "real" headdress as well. 

Goals for this summer: 
-Make myself at least one dress. 


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  2. I hope your sorority doesn't have this "peace feast" anymore it is culturally insensitive.


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