Tuesday, May 29, 2012

T Shirt Quilt Beginnings

4 years of high school--very involved.
+5 years of college--in a sorority.
+Camper-->assistant counselor-->counselor.

=Hundreds of t-shirts. 

What to do with all of them?  I certainly won't wear them all (I rarely wear t-shirts). And I want to keep the memories...t-shirt quilt, here I come.  

I cut out all my squares (making one for hs and one for college/camp--Otherwise this quilt would be h-u-g-e).
(And yes, the top shirt does say "Four Square Legend")

And, since I'm silly about keeping any little scrap I could find useful, I washed the leftovers and folded them into piles.

This is what it looks like when you dump out remnants from 100 t-shirts. (Yes, there actually are 100).

This is what it looks like all sorted/folded.

Can't wait to get started! 

Any tips on sewing lots and lots of tshirt material? 


  1. Big undertaking but it will be well worth it. I wish I had saved all of my KD t-shirts from Alabama! I would have loved to make a quilt from those. Can't wait to see yours.

  2. A ball point needle and alot of patience.

  3. Good luck! I'm excited to see how you do it because I have had a stack of my camp tshirts in my closet for-EVER so I could make a quilt of them one day. I'm sure yours will turn out great!


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