Thursday, October 13, 2011

Men vs. Food

Yes, I realize the title says "men."  If you've never seen the show Man vs. Food, you should, at least once.  It's a bit disturbing sometimes.  

I went down to visit J for our anniversary and his birthday, and a few of our good friends from home came down for his birthday as well.  We wanted to visit one of the places from Man vs. Food, and we chose here

At first we were going to visit just to have lunch and say we were there...and then the boys realized that this sandwich 
 (by the way, you can only see half the sandwich in this picture) was only about $9.  Okay, I mean, you're probably going to spend about that much on a normal meal anyway, right?  So why not just go all out and do the challenge.  about a 4lb sandwich and 1lb of 30min. 

The guys trying to figure out a strategy

They put fries on the sandwich so they could get more down at one time.

In the middle of the challenge. 

And the happy we only had normal sized meals. 

Sad that they had this much left over in the end.  Though I was happy that I didn't have a sick boy to take care of from eating all of that ;)

Part of the "Wall of Fame" for those who finished. 

If you want to see how Adam did it on Man Vs. Food, watch this.  (Go to 4:00)

Our waitress told us that someone had come in the week before and finished it in under 4min.  That completely nauseates me; I am so glad that our boys didn't attempt that ridiculous record.

Have you ever tried an eating challenge?  (I have not, only witnessed an attempt).

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