Friday, October 7, 2011

3 Story Antique Store

Okay, way overdue, but here are the pictures from when boyfriend visited and we visited the antique store.  3 stories of fabulousness, room after room after room.  We've definitely got to go back.  

Lovely fabrics.  Mostly tablecloths and things.


This is what every place looked like...packed with stuff. 


Music for pianos that play themselves.  I think a roll of this would make a really cool art piece laid out, we just couldn't find a song we liked enough.  

Sewing machine (: 

These little guys made me smile. 

A fair amount of Pyrex, but none that I really loved.

An old postcard.  Background story, this place is in Blissfield, a small town near my school.  The picture on this postcard is a place we used to go when I was younger, when we lived in Gaylord.  So of course, I had to get it.  

The only other purchase I made was this old map of "Eastern United States."  I plan on framing it someday.  I really like maps. 

I think we spent about 2hrs in here...seriously, they just flew by.  Next time I'll take more pictures.

And then we went to some garage sales.  
10cents each for these mat frames.  25 for the buttons.  Couldn't pass them up.

Bracelets and a pair of earrings.  Less than a dollar total. 

J and I at the antique shop.

I swear we're like an old married couple, but we love it.

Can't wait to thrift again (: 

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