Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: 4 & 5

As I said before, it's finals week this week.  Which means last week and this week has been all papers and projects and barely any fun time.  And I've been slacking on I'm combining the two there is quite a few.

 Thursday: class, teaching Head Start
earrings: The Freckled Flower Shop
top: School Bookstore
jeans: American Eagle (all my jeans are from here)
flats: Target
 Friday: Greek Awards Banquet 

dress: Express
sweater: Macy's
belt: England
shoes: Payless
 Sunday: Panhel meeting, Alpha Phi Senior Ceremony

top: Express
skirt: TJ Maxx
belt: Target
shoes: England 
Tuesday: class, teaching Head Start

tank: New York and Co
sweater: see above
necklace: made by me!
shoes: Target 
Wednesday: class, last day in kindergarten 

dress: Kohl's
sweater: H&M
belt: England
leggings: Kohl's
boots: gift
Saturday: homework, brunch with friends, homework

top: The Limited
 Saturday: homework, brunch with friends, homework

shirt: In support of a teacher/family friend fighting breast cancer
leggings: Kohl's
Now, I know the leggings as pants thing is a big controversy, but personally, I think they can be cute.  And I was in the library almost all day doing homework so I wanted to be comfortable and I never wear sweats out of the room. So you may hate it, but I think it's kind of cute. 

1. I need dress boots. I know mine don't match with everything, but when it's cold, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
2. Summertime needs to come much as I love my cardigans, I'm sick of wearing them over everything just because I have to.
3. The spacing on blogger really frustrates me. A lot. 

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  1. How cute! All of these are great, especially for a student. As for the whole "leggings as pants" controversy, I personally believe it's acceptable if your shirt covers most of your butt. But that's just my opinion :)
    You look great, and I'm way jealous of your purple dresser.

  2. Thank you, and I'm glad you agree!
    As for the dresser - Found at goodwill and spray-painted, you could totally make one (:


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