Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Alright, so I know I put up a bunch of camping inspiration over the weekend.  Here's some pictures of my trip...brace yourself, there's quite a few. 

The car was so packed. 

Campsite #45...luckily it was extra long so we had a lot of space (: 

This beach had a ton of beautiful shells perfectly intact. 

You could see where the snails and other creatures made paths in the water. 

My friends didn't believe I could lift boyfriend, so of course, I did. 

They love each other. 

Personalized cups. 

We've been friends for a long long time. 

Two of the group wanted to swim across the lake. 

Beach games! 

The ice cream shop had this funny little Granny outside. 

The grill was tearing apart our burgers. 

When you're out of water and need to put out the fire, just use Mountain Dew! 

Notice where it says "Make it a double for a $1 more."  Gold star to whoever notices the mistake first. 

Their cups are shiny metallic goodness. 

I loved getting out into semi-wilderness with friends, no technology, no phones, just finding ways to amuse ourselves and relaxing together. 

What has relaxed you this summer? 

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