Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Easy & Quick Scarf Storage

My momma has an obsession really likes scarves.  But, she wasn't such a fan of how she had been keeping them.  So we came up with something quick, easy, and effective. 

All you need is a hanger, hot glue, yarn, a small piece of sandpaper, extra shower curtain rings, and a love for scarves!

See how simply putting them on the shower rings then hanger lets them slip and slide around to the sides?  Totally unstable and the hanger is being pulled taught.  Not very sturdy.  

We had to run sandpaper over the hanger so the hot glue wouldn't peel right off the plastic.

Put hot glue on the top and bottom of the hanger--feel free to put a little extra on the sides if you would like. 

Wrap around as much yarn as you would like.  Cover the whole thing, or, like we did, a few strands at a time spaced apart. 

Click on the shower rings, and add your scarves.  Our scarves were actually already on the rings, but either way works. 

See how pretty that looks?  And it slides right into the closet with the coats (or, if you prefer, your clothes). 

And it barely takes up any room! 

Now take 10 minutes and fix up your box of scarves (:  


  1. Very, very cool. Thank you for taking the time to share!

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  3. I only have a couple scarves, but my BFF is a BIG scarf type of girl, going to have to show here this! Awesome idea! :)


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